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TOKYO, Oct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Olive Oils from Spain and the European Union this year are having an ambassador of Shojin Cuisine also called “Sougo”, chef Daisuke Nomura, to aid in the promotion of olive oil in the Olive Oil World Tour in their second year of activity in Japan. During the cooking show event, Nomura has used the olive oil in order to enhance 3 original Japanese dishes listed in the menu below.

Olive Oil Tofu

  • Red & White Namasu Salad
    Ingredients (serves 5):
    1 persimmon
    5cm daikon radish
    8 shiitake mushrooms
    1 bunch ito-mitsuba
    50ml dashi stock
    25ml soy sauce
    25cc miso
    25ml vinegar
    40g sesame paste
    30ml extra virgin olive oil from Spain
  • Broiled Lotus Root with Leek Miso Glaze
    Ingredients (serves 5):
    2 lotus roots
    1 leek
    250g red miso
    20ml olive oil from Spain
  • Olive Oil Tofu
    Ingredients (serves 10):
    1200ml kelp stock
    130g Yoshino-kuzu starch powder
    100g sesame paste
    80ml extra virgin olive oil from Spain
  • Chef Nomura has acquired 2 Michelin stars through Shojin Cuisine as a concept, creating new depths of flavor, when he opened a Shojin restaurant on February 2015, in Roppongi. Nomura hopes to create and challenge himself as a food researcher in Tokyo Chuo-ku and Minami-ku. He aims to spread awareness expressively on food education as a member of the Tokyo Japan Food Guide Association, Japan Food Association, and Japanese Culinary Academy.

    The olive Oil ambassador has participated in a special event to join the representatives Olive Oils from Spain to undergo a cooking demonstration for the Olive World Tour. The menu above is to be provided from October 9th to October 30th in the 3 weeks. It will be called Broiled Lotus Roots with Leek Miso Glaze from Sougo cuisine.

    The importation of olive oil has been skyrocketing recently. Europe is pleased to see how market share of olive has risen to 95.5% as of late. It has been concluded that there has been a 40% increase (21,466 tons) of Spain olive oil in the first semester of the year. The product is well-received by many consumers, as Olive Oil from Spain accounts for around 64% of consumption in Japan.

    The Olive Oil World Tour is supported by the European Union (EU) and the event was held last year, with this year being its second. The event will be held once a year for a total of 3 years. The campaign target is for the event to be held in major cities throughout Europe, USA, and Asia.

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